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Oxford's Physic Garden

A grey and white drawing of a garden plan - in the centre is a birds eye view of a garden separated into four. Around the edge are drawn four built structures

The Physic Garden from David Loggan's 'Oxonia illustrata' (1675), Vet. A3 b.21

Herbarium of Jacob Bobart the elder

A photograph of a large book opened on a page - there are pressed flowers on the open page

Oxford University Herbaria, BSn-C04r

A monumetal distraction

A open book with lines and lines of handwritten notes - some lines are scratched out

William Shard's Pinax, MS. Sherard 113, ff.14v–15r.

All about carrots

A poster with black engravings showing different types of vegetables next to each other

Robert Morison’s Plantarum umbelliferarum distributio nova (1672), Sherardian Library of Plant Taxonomy, Sherard 726, t.1.

Preserved fruit

20 different legume fruits - they include long thin specimens, curled specimens and short specimens

Selection of dried legume fruits, Oxford University Herbaria

Collecting wood

Different cuttings of wood lined up on shelves

Xylarium, Oxford University Herbaria

Fairchild's mule

Two flowers press on a book, either side of a stem

Specimen of Fairchild's mule, the first artificially created hybrid plant (c.1717), Oxford University Herbaria, Sher-0569-50

Sketched in the field

A number pencil sketches of a flower on a piece of paper

Field sketch of Fritillaria sibthorpiana made by Ferdinand Bauer in 1787, Sherardian Library of Plant Taxonomy, MS. Sherard 247(6), fol. 21r

Teaching botany

A poster showing various cross-sections of a plant

Teaching poster of the hair moss Polytrichum from Arnold and Carolina Dodel-Port’s Atlas der Botanik (1878–83). Oxford University Herbaria.

Anatomising wood

A typed document: in the middle it described the name of the wood and around the outside are listed qualities of wood including geographical location and its physical properties

A manual multiaccess key used to identify wood based on anatomical features. Oxford University Herbaria.

Portrait of Robert Morison

A portrait of a man - he faces to the left, he has shoulder-length grey hair and wears a red gown over a black undercoat. He hold a scroll of paper in his right hand

Late seventeenth-century oil portrait of Robert Morison, the first professor of botany in Britain, probably by William Sunman. University of Oxford, Department of Plant Sciences.

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