Melancholy: A New Anatomy mobile audio highlights

Listen to the curators of Melancholy: A New Anatomy explore the exhibition highlights and wider themes.

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Robert Burton, Melancholic  

The frontispiece of The Anatomy of Melancholy showing 10 vignettes associated with melancholia and its cures

The Anatomy of Melacholy, Robert Burton, Antiq.d.E. 1638.2

Physician, Patient, Physic

The title page of De Anima Brutorum

Thomas Willis, De Anima Brutorum, RR. W. 159

Diet Rectified

A photograph of an exhibition case showing open books and a photo of a bacteria

Pink bilophila bacteria

Sleeping and Waking

A printed table with the date and space to write the time of waking up and going to sleep

Early Rising Society Member Card, John Johnson Collection

Exercise Rectified

anatomy exercise

Bicycle wheel made during lockdown by Professor John Geddes, Dept. Psychiatry, University of Oxford. On loan.


A line graph with blue, purple, green and orange lines showing the intervals of visits by wrynecks in 1943

Ornithologist prisoner of war diaries, MS. 14967 /2

Spiritual Physic

A black and white illustration: a bearded figure floats over three people kneeling on the floor

Image of Job by William Blake
By permission of the President and Fellows of Trinity College Oxford

Mirth, music and merry company

A ballad with a black and white illustration of a man in a hat above it

A modern printed ballad based on Away with Melancholy, Harding B 25/1

Reading and Writing

A page of written manuscript in a mixture of blue and black ink

[fair copy] manuscript of ‘A Grief Observed’ by C.S. Lewis, Dep. c. 763, fol. 2r
Image shown with the permissions of The CS Lewis Company Ltd