Chaucer’s World learning resource

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Chaucer’s World learning resource

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Key Stages: Post 16

Subjects: English Literature

About these resources

These resources explore The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer, with a focus on "The Wife of Bath’s Tale" and "The Merchant’s Tale".


Chaucer's Book seminar

Dr Nicholas Perkins asks how understanding medieval books and the interpretation of texts in Chaucer’s time can help to deepen our reading of Chaucer’s work.

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Chaucer's Marketplace Poetics lecture

Professor Marion Turner explores Chaucer’s tale collection genre and its social, political, and poetic contexts.

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Reading list

A reading list of useful external resources exploring Chaucer’s language, historical context, biography and critical reception.

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Ask the experts

Ask our Chaucer experts a question – we’ll share the answers to the most common questions on this page.

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