Alice in Typhoidland activity day

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Alice in Typhoidland activity day

  25 January 2020 

  12 – 4pm   

 Admission free

Alice in Typhoidland activity day

A killer of paupers, princes, and presidents, typhoid was an invisible threat in Victorian England and remains dangerous in many areas today.

Join Alice on a murky tour of Oxford’s underside: find out how doctors and engineers controlled typhoid to stop the disease from spreading in Alice’s city, and meet Oxford researchers to discover how sanitation, vaccination, and typhoid are evolving today.

Mini talks, games, animations, and hands-on activities make this event suitable for all ages. Activities include: 

  • Stop the transmission - Find out about the simple steps to block the spread of disease between people and their environment.
  • Antibody attack - Help attack a giant germ by throwing beanbag antibodies.
  • Germs in jail - Decorate a typhoid bacterium fit for Wonderland and find out how vaccination helps put germs in jail.
  • Epidemic investigator - Use the Reed-Frost model to investigate how infections spread through populations.
  • Lego herd protection - Learn about herd protection with a lego epidemic.
  • Views on vaccines - Enjoy a photo opportunity inside famous 19th-century cartoon 'The Cowpock' and talk about vaccine anxieties of the past with an Oxford researcher.
  • Print a keepsake - Print a typhoid-themed keepsake on our printing press.
  • Medical boardgames - Join Oxford researchers to play boardgames on a medical theme, including giant vaccine snakes and ladders.
  • Alice in Typhoidland display discussions - Chat with a local mapping expert about the maps of disease from Victorian Oxford and the debates over whether cholera and typhoid travelled in dirty air or water.


Blackwell Hall, Weston Library, Broad Street, Oxford, OX1 3BG

 Wheelchair access

The Weston Library is wheelchair accessible


Admission free

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Alice in Typhoidland

  11 January – 22 March 2020 

Join Alice Liddell (Alice in Wonderland) on a journey through the history of early typhoid control and discover how typhoid influenced the design of the water and sewage systems under our feet. Solve the riddle of mysterious typhoid outbreaks in Victorian Oxford, find out how doctors and engineers controlled typhoid to stop the disease from spreading and experience Alice’s adventure into Typhoidland.

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