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Misogynist. Feminist. Conservative. Radical. Respectful. Irreverent. Monocultural. Multicultural. Imperial. Domestic. English. European. Catholic. Protestant.

Chaucer Here and Now presents Geoffrey Chaucer as you haven’t seen him before. Not as the “Father of English Literature”, but as a dynamic, global author, whose works have been reworked and reinterpreted over time and around the world. Each generation reinvents Chaucer, taking inspiration from his work, and finding new meanings.

Drawing on material ranging from the earliest known manuscript of The Canterbury Tales to contemporary adaptions in theatre and film, this exhibition explores the many creative responses to Chaucer and asks why this medieval author still fascinates so many people today.

Come and reinvent Geoffrey Chaucer for yourself.

'The Bodleian's superb new exhibition upends the medieval author's staid reputation as the father of English literature.'
The Telegraph


Chaucer Here and Now

Edited by Marion Turner
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Accompanying the exhibition is this fascinating collection of essays exploring the different ‘Chaucers’ that readers, writers and artists have imagined across time. Richly illustrated with images of early manuscripts and rare editions, and drawing from a wide range of adaptations and interpretations across the centuries, Chaucer Here and Now shows that Chaucer is available for every here and now to remake, rework and reinvent.

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This exhibition is curated by Professor Marion Turner, JRR Tolkien Professor of English Literature and Language at the University of Oxford.

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Chaucer Here and Now exhibition tours are available on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 2pm – 2.45pm and are open to all. These free gallery tours are led by our dedicated volunteer team and places are limited. 

You do not need to book a tour to visit the exhibition. Please meet by the entrance doors to Chaucer Here and Now at the rear of Blackwell Hall. 

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Please note an ambient soundtrack and spoken word plays in this exhibition.

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